Misfortune For Curiosity

by DevilBringer

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Genre: Brutal Slam Death/ Grindcore
Artist: DevilBringer


released August 20, 2014




Devil Bringer Mount Dora, Florida

Devil-Bringer Is Now Officially Grindcore/Death Metal only.

Devil Bringer initially takes influences from death,grind, thrash and some tiny elements of black and doom

Sick riffage and killer squeals is what you're in for
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Track Name: "Misfortune For Curiosity"
They Say, It's Your fault. You Caused your own demise. You let your curiosity get the best of you. And now, you lie within your grave. The monster has eaten you. Trapped you in a corner for investigating.

One Group of friends, One creatures Legend.

Set out to seek the mystery of the unknown beast, Comrades wanted
the perfect tale. To share, play dare, to poke their fun at folklore. The beast has been awakened, now the story makes its turn for the worst.

As the group tries to run, surely the beast gives chase.Through the
Abandoned area the group must run.

Keeping Silent when necessary. The beast close by within the shadows. The mystery must now be solved. Their Lives depending on it all, the legend must contain its weakness.

Dark and gruesome past of the townsmen who lived there before.
Tragedy giving birth to the monster in search of the groups blood.

They find out. there is no way to stop it, now the only question is, how to escape.

The beast closes in, And the group tries to flee. As the monster picks off the stragglers. Members of the group, your death is near.

In the end you're the last to be in the monsters path. You regret ever tempting the myth, That has surrounded the monsters story. Cornered by the beast, you are eventually eaten.